Stylish Cat Furniture to Impress Your Feline Friend

Cats are curious and difficult to impress.

Cats are curious and difficult to impress.

They easily stick to their preferences, sleeping and sitting where they want. And, there isn’t much you can do change your pet’s preferences.

However, you can add some cool cat furniture indoors to impress your feline friend or simply make it enthusiastic. This is something your cat will use over and over again, appreciating you as a good owner.

The best cat furniture isn’t just an ideal gift, but also designed to be interactive to keep your cat entertained. The right furniture can keep your cat physically and mentally fit for better health. This is important if your feline friend spends lots of time indoors.

Cat furniture engages your furry friend in fun ways and stimulate play. Your pet gets a safe and proper outlet for meeting their natural urges such as clawing and scratching onto surfaces. This saves both your sanity and furniture from damage.

Built with varied features to meet the unique needs out there, cat furniture can feature anything from a hideout to a sleeping area. Whether you’re into small, minimalist and basic designs or want something more luxurious for your furry friends, there’s something for every budget.

Here’re 10 fun cat furniture to get for your furry friend to use indoors:

10 Functional and Appealing Cat Furniture for Your Pet Friend

  • A Cat Tree

A pre-built or DIY cat tree made from natural materials is a perfect way for your cat to loll on the branches. A stylish cat tree gives your feline a chance to create a personalized indoor landscape for relaxing times.

A typical tree features the following:

  • Platforms for relaxing
  • Climbing branches
  • Scratching posts
  • A foliage swirl for a natural touch

If you intend to make a cat tree the DIY-way, you’ll need the following materials:

  • Scrap plywood for shelves and base
  • A branch
  • A rope for scratching posts
  • Semi-gloss varnish
  • Wood stain
  • Decorative pebbles for the tree base
  • A Cat Condo

You can convert an old, dilapidated dresser into a cat condo or make one from scratch. Remove the lower parts of your old dresser and use the space to hide the litter box from view.

With good upholstery tips, make a high quality cushion to add a padded sitting area in the condo for comfort. Use the top drawers on the dresser to store cat amenities and accessories such as treats and costumes.

  • Hammock bunk beds

Create more space for your pets if you’ve got more than one cat. A wooden frame would double as scratching posts and large fabric hammocks offer enough resting space for your cats.

Bunk bed hammocks is just like a cat condo and thus cool furniture for your furry friends. Add various decorative knots onto the hammocks for improved appeal. Simple video tutorials can help you make elegant hammocks for your cats.

Even if your pet has specific dietary needs for senior cats, they’ll love resting on their hammock beds. Meeting your cat’s dietary, exercise and resting needs are important to ensure they live healthily in old age. And, a hammock helps meet your feline’s resting needs.

  • A Cat Bed with Sweater Cushioning

Cats love to curl up on soft surfaces such as sweaters. Make a cat bed and cushion it with your favorite but old sweater to create a nice sweater bed for your feline friend.

If you don’t have an old sweater, visit a local thrift shop to find something you can up-cycle into a stylish and comfortable bed for your cat. An online video tutorial can guide you on how to make this kind of bed.

Alternatively, you can make an attractive cat bed from an old suitcase. A DIY Cat Suitcase Bunk Bed adds a vintage touch indoors. This gives your interior space a cozy look and feel. With an extra suitcase, you can make a matching bedside table for your pet.

Support the upper bunk bed with detachable furniture or chair legs. Add cushions for comfort and a finish touch. The bed is stylish and simple yet functional to hold your cats.

  • A TARDIS Cat Condo

Build a cat condo that resembles the TARDIS, a spacecraft and time machine in Doctor Who. It features a cat hammock and shelves for your cat to sit. Cover the condo with a carpet for an ultra-luxurious finish.

If you’re not hands-on, find a carpenter to get this type of condo done according to your requirements. Some things you’ll need for the condo include:

  • Handles
  • Wood
  • Signage
  • A key hole
  • A Mosaic Bowl Holder

A mosaic-tiled cat bowl holder is stylish and special. The holder is made using lightweight bamboo to fit your cat’s favorite dishes. Tiles are easy to wipe clean and bamboo simple to work with.

A carpenter can easily use mosaic tiling sheets to make a functional mosaic bowl holder for your feline friend’s dishes. It can also feature shelves for resting as you deem fit.

  • An All-in-One Litter Box Cabinet

This DIY cat furniture is a practical litter box. The stylish cabinet hides everything from sight. You can easily buy a pre-built litter box cabinet or get one built from scratch.

The large part of the cabinet holds the litter box while other sections keep essential supplies such as air fresher and cat litter. Line the cabinet with a carpet to ensure your feline comes out with clean paws. This ensures that your house stays clean and smelling fresh.

Learn how to remove cat stains from your carpet in case your feline has an accident. The cabinet has holes drilled on it for ventilation. They also let light into the cabinet.

  • A Wall-Mounted Playground

This cat furniture is stylish and innovative, making an ideal playground for your feline. It features wall units that your cat can use as a playground.

The perch setups are made up of ladders and frames (DIY or pre-built) to keep your cat happy. Opt for natural wood or a splash of paint and color to enhance the look of your interior space.

  • High-Level Cabin Cat Condo

A high level cat condo combo climber is a perfect treat and luxury for your pet. The high perch is a perfect place for watching surrounding areas to see how things unfold.

Use MDF or scrap plywood to make this stylish cat furniture. Varnish and wood stains give the furniture an attractive finish, atop elevating your interior décor. Consider using recycled wood to minimize your costs. The furniture features:

  • Carpeted shelves
  • Levels
  • An enclosed privacy cabin
  • An integrated scratch pad
  • A Cat Station

This cat furniture features sections for holding feeding bowls and snacks, and drawers for keeping essentials such as treats and toys. The upper space may be fitted with a padded cushion for comfort.


Cat tree towers and scratchers are other amazing pieces of cat furniture that’ll impress your feline friend. Whatever furniture you pick, make sure it’s something your cat needs and likely to use. Assess your friend’s behavior and preferences to choose an ideal cat furniture.