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Finishing and wood bending

The unique wood bends you see on stairs cases or foyer is the work of this team. We have state of the art machine to groove and lathe wood for that nice woodwork finish you ever dream of. We do this using modern machines designed for this specific job.

Stripping and renovations

If you are looking for a furniture change or home/ office theme, this is the best team. We customize your idea to have a perfect and new finish. The DIY projects are a success if we are to go by our testimonials.

Woodwork interior design

If you are looking for a traditional setup and unique experience, then involve a woodworker in your interior décor ideas. You will have value for your money. The team has the passion, skill and talent to ensure you have all you need to get the perfect home décor setup.


Can you have an office without cabinets? We are here to make you organized and de-clutter your office through cabinetry works. Our onsite consultations tend to accommodate your interest as we also incorporate the professional expertise to ensure you have a durable detached or inbuilt cabinet.

Office partitioning

This service strives to expand the office to accommodate more personnel with a small environment without feeling squeezed as you also enhance privacy. Also, we expand; it all depends on the needs of the client. We use digital tools to have smooth finishing that makes someone doubt its human labor or an industrial machine.

Customized home fittings

The interior fittings define a beautiful home. We transform your skeleton home to a modern one using modern woodwork designs to manage your storage in the home from the living room to the kitchen, among other rooms. When you also feel that you need modern fittings and you want a makeover, then we are there when you need us.

We Create Masterpieces Out of Wood!

We take the woodworking and carpentry as an artform in its own right!

Why Choose American Rustics

Innovative Designs

We focus on new and renovation projects. Are you tired of your overall outlook of your home and have no idea where to start? This is one of our services; we allow you to share your new home’s idea and allow us to actualize it. Have you finished your building project and don’t know what to put as furniture, then you are our target audience.

Happy Clients

I love the beautiful designs you displayed on the site; when you delivered the furniture and portable cabinets at home, it was even better than the digital images. Keep doing the good work.
Nicole Stark
I love the content on your website, especially DIY projects. I have made good use of the lockdown period to transform my home. Keep posting the simple DIY projects to help novices yet passionate woodworkers like us.
Ryan Porter

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